So, I moved to D.C.

Well, I moved to Virginia…in order to afford to go to school in D.C. (You can’t have everything, people!)

GW cherry blossums

April 2018 – visiting the GW campus

My mom and I visited 7 apartment complexes in about 8 hours back in June, and I brought the first carload of stuff to my new place on July 15th. Mom and Aunt Tina arrived with the completely full U-Haul two days later. We had a whirlwind of a week unloading, unpacking, and decorating, but we squeezed in some sightseeing fun as well.


They flew back to MS on Sunday, July 22nd, and I followed in my car later that afternoon. I spent a few days there and then drove to Texas where I lived for two more weeks. I did my best to visit with people all hours of the day and night before loading up my dog and starting the 20-hour drive to Virginia.

Lola Car

This is what Lola does on every car trip.

We’ve been here for a week, and things are going well. I thought I’d start the blog back up so I could write about life in my new city. My previous posts are teaching related, but I’m going to leave them as they are for posterity. šŸ™‚ Feel free to comment or lurk as you feel led!

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